Phantom C210

EAN 1033623 / E-NR

The Phantom Miro C210 is a standalone version of our Miro C210J camera. The small, light, and rugged body, combined with a sensor of small pixels, makes this high detail camera perfect for microscopy work.
•    1,800 fps at 1280 x 1024
•    Exposure Index Range:

  • Mono 2,500 – 12,500
  • Color 640 – 3,200

•    Memory Capabilities

  • 8, 16, GB RAM
  • 28GB internal, non-removable CineFlash

•    1.3 Mpx, 5.6 micron pixel size

The Phantom Miro C210 houses the 128GB internal CineFlash memory inside a small, rugged body and is capable of up to 67,000 fps at smaller resolutions.  This is perfect for many applications and experiments as it allows up to 13 individual 8GB shots, or 63 separate partitions to be saved before downloading is necessary.  These features help to keep laboratory workflow smooth and efficient.

The Miro C210 also has an internal, non-removable battery that is configurable for a variety of situations and can run for up to 10 minutes.  This gives some untethered flexibility in the case of accidental power cable severance.
The 1.3 Mpx sensor with 12-bit depth and tightly packed 5.6 micron pixels produces highly detailed images.  When combined with the advanced features shots are delivered quickly with clear detail.

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