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Phantom T1340

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The Phantom T1340 is the next evolution in high-speed, high resolution imaging.  This new platform is part of a generation of cameras that deliver greater throughput, premium features, and enhanced performance in a small and compact housing. 
The custom 4 Mpx sensor operates with 13 Gpx/second image throughput. The premium imaging specifications are ideal for motion analysis applications that require data precision such as high-speed digital imaging correlation (DIC), particle image velocimetry (PIV), and stress and strain analysis. 
Advanced Phantom features enable a variety of applications by allowing for customized camera settings.  Features such as:
Quiet mode to eliminate vibration for microscopy and 3D measurement techniques
Remote, standalone operation using the On-camera controls, video monitor and CineMag enables outdoor applications
CineMag supports direct recording for long duration events
Different situations can often require different types of lenses.  The Phantom T1340 has interchangeable lens mounts (Nikon, PL, C, M42 and Canon EF with Electronic control) which enables the use of high quality and specialized optics without limitation. The camera mount can be customized for the particular test as needed.

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