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Phantom VEO4K 990

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The Phantom VEO4K 990 has a rugged and compact housing unit available in two body styles. The S-style housing increase the flexibility by adding options for a variety of industries while still delivering highlydetailed 9.4 Mpx images.

•    938 fps at 4096 x 2304
•    Exposure Index Range:

  • Global Shutter Mode:
    640 – 3200 Color
    5000 – 25000 Mono
  • Rolling Shutter Mode:
    320 – 1600 Color
    2000 – 10000 Mono

•    36 or 72GB

The VEO4K 990 brings the high imaging standards of the Phantom Flex4K to scientific and research related applications. The compact body increases the flexibility of use as it does not restrict workflow to accommodate large housing needs and makes the VEO4K 990 portable.

The 9 Gpx throughput delivers full 35mm imaging with 4K resolution and low noise. This ensures that professionals are able to view fine details without compromising speed and function.

The Phantom VEO4K 990 can utilize Nikon, PL, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) mounts. The ability to easily change lens mounts on location adds to the flexibility of the VEO4K 990 and increases usability without excessive downtime. 

The VEO4K 990 housing has two body options. Both styles have sealed electronics to ensure that airflow does not allow dust and other environmental hazards onto the sensitive components.  The L (light, found in laboratory settings) and the S (full, found where extra controls and features are needed) are made from milled aluminum and are lightweight (approximately 6 lbs. or 2.8 kg), and ruggedized to increase the durability in harsh environments.

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